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Erectile Dysfunction is a common problem that affects all ages of Manhood that may require placement of penile implant for correction. The problem can manifest in the young age in the form of psychogenic erectile dysfunction and in the elderly as comorbidities start producing endothelial damage. Initially the erectile dysfunction patients are managed with oral medicine but those who do not respond to medical therapy need to be shifted to intracavernosal injection therapy. The last resort for most patients is a penile implant surgery wherein rods made up of silicon and other biocompatible material are placed within the penis through a small incision of 1 to 1.5 inches.

There are many aspects of this surgery that we will be discussing in this brief article. This includes fitness for undergoing this surgery, minimum criteria to be fulfilled before you undergo an implantation, types of implants available in India, tips on how to choose the best center and surgeon and information regarding the natural course after penile implant surgery.

Malleable Penile Implant is one of the most affordable and commonly placed penile implant by Dr. Raman Tanwar

What is a penile implant ?

A penile implant consists of two rods that are made to fit into the two cylinders of the penis through surgery. These rods can be made up of various materials like silicon and are available in various varieties which we shall be discussing subsequently in this article. The penile implant has a good life and lasts for many years and in most cases an entire lifetime. The implant is not a metal rod but is still stiff enough to withstand most pressures and provide adequate rigidity. There are many implants available which also have other connections that fill these rods with water. These connections are placed in the scrotum and in front of the bladder. The penile implants that have these connection make it possible to rest the penis in a flaccid state and achieve the erection at will.

What are the types of penile implants ?

There are two main varieties of penile implants that are globally available:

  • Non Inflatable Semi-rigid Implants
    • Non Hinged
    • Hinged
  • Inflatable Penile Implants (Inflatable Penile Prosthesis)
    • Two Piece ( Cylinders with Scrotal Button)
    • Three Piece (Cylinders with Scrotal Button and Reservoir)

Non Inflatable penile implant consists of just two rods that are rigid. These implants have an advantage that they are cheap and most people can afford the surgery. However once they are placed in the penis, the penis always remains in an erect state. This means that the penis has to be either bent down forwards or worn over the abdomen to obscure the rigidity.

On the other hand Inflatable penile implants have the advantage that they can be deflated and the penis can return to a relatively flaccid state just like the normal penis. The disadvantage is that the implant itself is expensive and the surgery takes more time as the scrotal button and the reservoir also have to be placed.

Am I a candidate for Penile Implant Surgery ?

To be a candidate for penile implant surgery you should fulfill most of the following prerequisites:

  • Having a poor response to Medical Therapy and Penile Rehabilitation Therapy
  • Unable to use or not willing to use Intracavernosal Injections
  • Penile Doppler study shows vasculogenic impotence
  • Diabetes or severe neurogenic Impotence
  • Been on Medical management for a reasonable period of time
  • In a stable or active sexual relationship

What to look for in the Centre and Surgeon ?

Before your choose your surgeon and centre for penile implant surgery ensure that you have done your homework. A number of surgeons will be available to help you but you need to choose the one with a define protocol of work. Please keep the following points in mind to help you choose the best Penile Implant Surgeon

  • Penile Implant surgery is performed by a Urologist and you must ensure that your surgeon is certified as a urologist and has training and experience in penile implant surgery
  • The Surgeon should have a protocol of care and should be confident in explaining you the postoperative course
  • Ensure that the surgeon is operating in a sterile atmosphere because infections after implant surgery are the biggest scare. Surgeons working in sterile environments have lower infection rates
  • The Surgeon should be accessible for at least a week after the implantation. The first seven days are a crucial period when most complications begin to happen.

Why choose us for penile implant Surgery ?

  • Dr. Raman Tanwar is a certified and acclaimed Andrologist and Urologist with numerous awards and Gold Medals to his credit
  • Dr. Raman Tanwar is considered the Best Urologist in Gurgaon for this type of Surgery and has thousands of Surgeries to his credit
  • He has experience of both Indian and Imported Penile implants
  • The Surgery is performed at Urocentre which meets the highest standards for sterility in terms of a modular spacious theater with laminar airflow.
  • Qualified team provides protocol based quality post-operative care.

If you have any queries regarding penile implant surgery, please drop us a mail at [email protected]. We will be happy to go through your medical records and suggest the best alternatives to cure erectile dysfunction.

Implant Type:Hinged Rigid 2 PieceInflatable 2 PieceInflatable 3 Piece
Structure2 Silicon RodsTwo Tubes connected with a buttonTwo Tubes connected with a button and a reservoir
Level of rigidity++++++++
Achievement of FlaccidityNoYesYes
Cost of Implant15-20,000 INR1,30,000 INR for Coloplast4,50,000-5,00,000 INRFor AMS6,30,000-7,00,000 INR for AMS5,50,000 INR for Coloplast
Cost of Surgery1,50,000 – 2,50,000 INR6,00,000 INR7,50,000-8,50,000 INR
Duration of Surgery30 Minutes45-60 Minutes60-90 minutes
Hospital Stay3 Days3 Days3-5 Days
Recovery Time3-4 Weeks4-6 Weeks4-6 Weeks
Minimum Expected Life15-20 Years10-15 Years10-15 Years
Warranty (Against Mechanical Failure)None10 Years10 Years
SummaryCost effective device manufactured in India that gives sufficient erection but penis always remains erect. Coloplast can be bent to satisfactionMiddle path with advantage of being able to return penis into flaccid state with minimal compromise in rigidityGold standard of penile implant surgery that comes at a cost

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