Dr. Raman Tanwar

Urologist and Andrologist

Preparing for Surgery

Urology and Andrology Surgery can be done under three different types of anesthesia.

  • General Anesthesia – You will be made unconscious and will gain consciousness only after surgery is over
  • Regional or Spinal Anesthesia – A medicine will be injected around your spine to numb you below the navel
  • Local Anesthesia – Only the area to be operated will be number by use of creams, jelly or fine injections. No fasting is needed

The preparation of the patient will vary based on the type of anesthesia.

General Preparations before Surgery

  • Clean the area of surgery well during bath
  • Remove hair from around the area to be operated specially the pubes
  • Stop any blood thinners atleast 3 days prior to surgery to avoid major bleeding
  • Control your sugar and blood pressure by taking medications properly
  • Inform your doctor about any allergies that you may have
  • Do not wear makeup, jewellery or nail polish
  • Do not wear contact lenses and inform about loose teeth/dentures
  • Arrive in time for your surgery
  • Make a file that has all your previous medical records and recent investigations
  • For mediclaim process please bring a Photo ID card (Adhaar/Passport/Driving License), along with Insurance card and Cancelled Cheque

Specific Preparations for Surgery under General and Regional Anesthesia

  • Do not eat or drink atleast 6 to 8 hours before the time of surgery
  • There may be medications that are necessary to have in the morning of surgery. Take them with just a few sips of water

Reporting time for Surgery

Dr. Raman Tanwar usually operates in two shifts, early morning and post lunch.

  • For morning surgery reporting time is 8am
  • For Post Lunch surgery reporting time is 12pm
  • If there is a special surgery that may take longer hours, a specific reporting time will be conveyed to you

Once again we would like to reassure you that Dr. Raman Tanwar will ensure his best efforts for your successful surgery. You will find our team to be empathising, reassuring and experienced to handle the entire process with ease.
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