Penile Enlargement

Many patients feel that they have a small penis and come for a consultation with us. In 80% of these patients we find that the penis size is normal. Their penis looks small just because of increased pre-pubic fat. When we measure the penile stretched length it is often normal. We counsel and reassure these patients that their penis does not require any penile enlargement. These patients feel relieved and more confident after this meeting. Subsequently we have seen that their performance at work and zest for life is restored as often these patients are in chronic depression.

For patients who actually have a small penis, it is possible to increase the length of the penis in the flaccid or resting state and the girth of the penis by various surgical procedures. In this article we will discuss about these procedures in detail.

Penis Length enhancement

The length of the penis can be enhanced by a procedure called suspensory ligament division and V-Y plasty. In this procedure we make a small inverted V shaped incision in the pubic region. After that we and dissect the suspensory ligament which holds the penis fixed to the pelvic bone. The ligament is divided and a support is placed between the ligament and the pubic bone. This leads to increase in the length of the flaccid penis by about 2-4 cms.

The duration of the operation is about 30 minutes and the patient can go home the same day by the evening. The operation is quiet affordable and has minimal complications.

Penis Girth Enhancement

The girth of the penis can also be enhanced most commonly by fat grafting. In this procedure fat is taken from the abdomen and injected below the penile skin. This leads to significant girth enhancement by about 4-5 cms in circumference. penile girth enlargement is also a simple procedure and often the two procedures of length and girth enhancement are combined to make the penis look bigger.

The problem with fat grafting is that the fat starts decay or reduce over a year. Due to this reason we offer Fat Graft based girth enhancement as only a temporary option for patients. With advent of silicon implants that enhance girth of the penis, we can look forward to more permanent options for penile girth enhancement.

Meet us today !

Penile length and girth problems leading to small penis are very common. We see many patients for the same problem everyday. In most patients who just have a problem with perception we try to counsel and boost confidence. In patients with real problems we offer length and girth enhancement surgeries. If you too are worried that your penis is very small and need a consult please call us and book your appointment. There is no point living in unnecessary under-confidence. Trust us, you don’t deserve to live this way.

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