Whatsapp Policy

Whatsapp messaging is mainly a facility provided for my patients so that petty issues can be taken care of without making a visit to the clinic. It can also be used to share reports and ask small questions / clear basic doubts. However please understand your responsibilities as well when using this helpline medium.

  • Please send the prescriptions picture along with your query
  • Medicines cannot be prescribed on Whatsapp as per guidelines of the medical council.
  • Please ask all relevant questions in one message only. I will try to reply to all at once.
  • It may take upto 24 hours to reply back to you if my schedule is tight but in case your query is not answered within this time frame please send a gentle reminder message on Whatsapp.
  • Please avoid sending any personal messages and greetings on this helpline as important patient messages may get lost in the pile of greetings.
  • If you face any emergency situation I sincerely request you to come to the centre if possible as an emergency case and we will help you out even if you have not taken an appointment. You may also visit any other nearby hospitals emergency department and update me with the proceedings on this helpline if you cant come to our centre.
  • Usual time to see and reply to Whatsapp messages is 7 to 8 am and 3 to 4pm.
  • Usually Dr. Raman personally tries to follow up and answer pending queries on a Sunday.

Looking forward to your kind cooperation.

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