Stapler Circumcision


Dr. Raman Tanwar brings the simplicity and ease of Stapler Circumcision to India with the new and improved second generation devices for painless and seamless circumcision. The entire process now just takes 5 minutes with same day return to work !

What is Stapler Circumcision ?

Stapler circumcision involves using a stapler device rather than conventional scissors and stitches to perform the circumcision surgery. Since it is done by a machine the precision is unparalleled and the duration of the procedure is reduced significantly. Stapler circumcision device is manufactures by two leading companies, ZSR and Langhe Medical.

Advantages of the Stapler Circumcision

  • Shorter duration of surgery
  • Early return to work
  • Cleaner suture line
  • Less chances of stitch related complications like Suture Granuloma / Catgut reaction

How is the procedure performed ?

  1. After applying a cream locally in the penis, a sticker is left for 30 minutes or more to allow the skin to become completely numb
  2. Patient is shifted to the operating suite and a small injection is given to deepen the anesthesia
  3. The stapler glans attachment is placed and the skin is fixed to the attachment
  4. The rest of the stapling device is placed and fixed to the glans attachment
  5. The stapler is fired and left in fixed position for 30 seconds to ensure hemostasis
  6. The stapler assembly is removed and dressing is completed
  7. Patient walks from the theater to his room and is discharged in half an hour

What are the downsides of Stapler Circumcision ?

  • It is a mechanical device so customization is less, hence its not suited for patients with cosmetic concerns, glans adhesions and associated foreskin diseases.
  • It is costlier because of the additional cost of the device.
  • Staples may sometimes not get completely removed on their own and will require a small procedure to remove them.

With Stapler circumcision in the hands of Dr. Raman Tanwar, I was back to office by afternoon. I couldn’t believe how simple and painless it was. Wish I had taken the decision earlier.

Vishwajeet Prabhu, IT professional, Delhi

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